We value your privacy and will do our best to disclose information that we deem to be compliant with law and applicable regulatory agency policy. This is our Notice of Privacy Policy for the first time we do business with you, the User/Customer (individuals, businesses, merchants) and upon request or as required by law thereafter.

This Notice describes how we protect, collect, use, and share user/customer information. User/customer information means all nonpublic information related to an identified individual, which is sometimes called personally identifiable information. User/customer information does not include anonymized data or de-identified data, which does not identify individuals.

  • We do not sell user/customer information.
  • We do not share user/customer information without consent.
  • We may share user/customer information and permit others to use that information if it is necessary to complete a transaction request or it is permitted by law.
  • We handle information about former and prospective users/customers the same as existing user/customers.

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect user/customer information and to comply with federal and state laws. In addition, we review our policies and practices, monitor our computer networks, and test the strength of our security.


We collect user/customer information in order to complete payment transaction requests between user/customers and user/merchants from: mobile devices, websites and from company channel partners who also comply with privacy policy regulation.


We use user/customer information, including user/customer transaction information, to do things such as:

  • Activate/onboarding of new user/customers.
  • Complete transactions.
  • Protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions.
  • Provide proper reporting and messaging to users/customers.
  • Confirm user/customer/merchant identity.
  • Enhance user/customer experience and improve company products and services.
  • Develop and offer new products and services to users/customers/merchants.
  • Develop either anonymized data or de-identified data by making reasonable efforts to remove personally identifiable information so the information is no longer customer information. We develop this data for certain purposes, such as analysis to understand more about our user/customer needs, our industry, or for other commercial purposes as permitted by law. We may share and use this data with third party service providers, or with other unaffiliated entities.
  • Perform other activities as required or permitted by law.

We share user/customer information, including information about our transactions and user/customer experiences, in order to help meet user/customer product and services needs. We share user/customer information:

  • For completing transactions between users/customers and users/merchants.
  • For everyday business purposes, for public policy purposes, as permitted (such as with consent or as necessary to complete a transaction) or required by law.
  • As needed to protect user/customer information from fraud or theft.
  • With financial institutions, government regulators or other parties to transactions or those required as a matter of law.
  • In connection with a proposed or actual sale, merger, transfer, or exchange of all or a portion of our business or operating unit.
  • With companies that perform marketing or other services for our company or with whom we have joint marketing agreements. These marketing agreements or joint ventures allow our company to provide better services and products for our users/customers.
  • As needed to protect against fraud, theft, unauthorized transactions and in connection with the investigation, establishment, and defense of our company’s legal rights.

If you have questions about this Notice, please contact us with concerns or questions about this Notice by:

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