CyberMoney seeks to provide a lower cost and more secure alternative to merchant payment acceptance vs. cards, cash and check. Our technology enables consumers to link their bank account for direct payment to merchants for making purchases in-store, online or via mobile commerce. Easy onboarding, a simple user experience and convenient access to transaction history, allows for a new and improved method of payment between consumers and merchants.

Our Vision

The CyberMoney® payment platform serves as the next generation of digital payments, providing value to consumers, merchants, payment processors, value added resellers (VARs), independent sales organizations (ISOs), and financial institutions (FIs). Our technology delivers on the promise for lower cost, secure, trustworthy and seamless payment experiences across any sales channel.

The Team

Rob Hanlon
Martin Bronstein
Edward Szofer
Al DeBonnett
John K Totten
Maurice D. White
Donald Chapman
Frank Ballantine
Dean K. Matt
Eric H. Weimers
Michael Walsh

Cyberbanque Advisors

Debra D Matlock
Louis Rosenthal
Gordon Werkema
Peter Gordon
Steve Sarowitz
Steven Edelson