Our Vision

Become a cybermoney merchant

Merchants accepting CyberMoney® and CyberMoney powered applications experience a 50%-85% lower cost of acceptance vs. cards. We deliver value by slashing costs, providing an enhanced experience, and allowing for the delivery of Value Added Services. The cost savings and processing efficiencies go directly to the your bottom line and can be apportioned to your consumers through loyalty programs, discounts, offers and gifts to drive greater affinity, repeat business and increased customer spending.

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What’s The Value Proposition ?

CyberMoney is a cashless, card-less and contactless payments platform. Merchants and vendors can leverage CyberMoney as an alternative to drive down the costs associated with card payments and handling of physical cash, and avoid the inherent risk of accepting checks. These benefits drive increased profit margins for merchants while the savings can be utilized to provide Value Added Services to consumers, which increases loyalty and spend. Digital is the future and we’re here to help carry you forward.


Covid-Free touchless payments, no cash, no credit cards, just a phone and a bank account.


Lower transaction charges than any credit card provider means higher margins for merchants and lower costs for end users.


Secure and safe transactions makes both consumers and merchants happy.

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Offers and Gifts