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what is cybermoney

As mobile commerce develops, it is essential that a reliable, safe, seamless and secure transaction payment system be in place. The CyberMoney® vision is to participate in the following emerging niche of mobile payment solutions:

Seamless Mobile Transaction Payment Authentication and Processing

CyberMoney® is building a seamless, mobile transaction payment system for Internet enabled mobile devices and the point-of-sale (POS) transaction sales channels. CyberMoney® believes that secure, user-authenticated, value-enhanced Internet transactions will increase through the development of the CyberMoney® front-end software application enabling end-to-end, mobile-to-POS mCommerce payments (the "CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solution"). CyberMoney® believes individuals and businesses will be attracted to the CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solution because of it's:

The CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solution also includes global currency conversion features, which allows payments converted or settled into selected currencies. While not acting as a foreign exchange bank per se, CyberMoney® will allow customers to exchange and convert international currencies through the CyberMoney® account connectivity. The CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solution will increase international appeal because customers will be able to convert their domestic currencies into other currencies while engaged in international financial and POS transactions.

The Future of Mobile Payments Is Here!