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Products/Services and Competitive Advantage

The CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solution is a patent-pending system that retains an invaluable first position patent priority, within the mobile Internet-based payment and settlement domain. The system is not predicated upon the high cost of credit/debit card processing interchanges. However, the technology can co-exist within any credit/debit card processing or mobile eWallet environment, providing a lower cost alterative for retail merchants.

The CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solution includes mobile apps for a wide variety of internet-enabled mobile devices and seamless/wireless integration with a number of Point-of-Sale (POS) merchant terminal devices. Our software solution enables trusted authentication of all parties to mobile-to-POS based transaction, with seamless integration between customer and merchant bank accounts. A number of global merchants have expressed interest in CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solutions. A major global merchant terminal manufacturer has embraced the CyberMoney® Mobile Payment Solutions and business model.

The Future of Mobile Payments Is Here!